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Established in 2005, Zengrui Chemical Zibo Co., Ltd., a fine chemicals manufacturer with independent R & D and production capacity, mainly produces high purity trans-1,3-dichloropropene and propionic anhydride, 2,3-dichloropropene, O-(3-chloro-2-propenyl)hydroxylamine hydrochloride 40% solution and other fine chemical products. Our trans-1,3-dichloropropene has a purity of 98.5% or above, which is the highest quality in the country. Compared with products (96% purity) of other domestic manufacturers, it is characterized by less high boiling point impurities, and can significantly improve the quality of the downstream products of customers. The new technique of propionic anhydride synthesis, developed independently by our company, is characterized by high content of propionic anhydride, and the absence of acetic acid and acetic anhydride compared with the traditional techniques of propionic anhydride synthesis in the world, as a result, it can offer a better quality assurance for customers' products. In recent years, with our high purity trans-1,3-dichloropropene and propionic anhydride products, we have established stable and cooperative relations with many manufacturers at home and abroad in the areas of agricultural chemicals, medical chemicals and other fine chemicals. The sale volume of both products is increasing every year. At present, the company has an annual productivity of 1,000 tons of trans-1,3-dichloropropene, and 300 tons of propionic anhydride.

The company has an excellent team. From the general manager, to the backbones in technology development department, production department, and quality control department, they are all energetic and passionate young men. They are united, positive, optimistic, and modest. Over the past few years, they have successfully developed and commissioned a number of products with market prospects. The new products that measure up to a tonnage include: 2,3–dichloropropene and O-(3-chloro-2-propenyl)hydroxylamine hydrochloride 40% solution.

We provide customers with not only quality products, considerate service, but also the excitement of "having friends coming from afar".

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